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True-Self ● Confidence ● Connection

BOLON is a brand that gives people a fashion style and the confidence to be themselves.
The new campaign conveys the core brand message of being yourself and having the liberty to express your personality without following the ever-changing fashion trends.

The “I DARE MYSELF” story encourages people to express who they are, through the showcase of different sides of their personality, by keeping the campaign free of formal fashion conventions and dictates. The story is conceived as a symphony of meaningful moments happening in the lives of our celebrities. They share with us their common motto of audacity, they dare to be themselves.

Hailey Baldwin &
Bolon Eyewear

With the charming personality and effortlessly chic persona, Hailey Baldwin, the famous
American top model, is the new face of Bolon Eyewear.
The rising American supermodel epitomizes unique attitude and exudes personal confidence, which perfectly represents the brand values of Bolon Eyewear.

“If I had to describe Bolon Eyewear, I would say it is very chic. I think the collection is amazing, it really represents my ideals on life, that it is about daring yourself to do things that maybe you're not too comfortable with, to dare yourself in your work life, in your personal life, to push yourself to grow. And I think that as long as those are positive things, and you’re pushing yourself in a way that helps you uplift your spirit, then go for it.” - Hailey Baldwin